Die cast aluminum alloy parts oxidized materials can be oxidized in various colors?

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【Summary Description】:appearance effect: can spray 180 zirconium sand, Yang end is not limited by color.

1, appearance effect: can spray 180 zirconium sand, Yang end is not limited by color.

2, material melting:

(1) Cleaning furnace: use a new crucible or 20 kg HA6 to clean up (to avoid silicon (SI) residue

(2) Die casting melting temperature: 700-720 degrees

(3) Mold design: A: exhaust should be reasonable, try to do no air, (exhaust slag package increase, feed and exhaust thickening) B: Die casting production for thin parts is recommended to use mold temperature machine. Avoid cold plaid (water spray can be covered)

(4) Release agent: no sag release agent should be used (special release agent for sun end oxidation is recommended)

(5) Punch lubrication should use white non-lying granular oil. 3, post-processing: deburring - grinding - (drawing) - sand blasting (100 mesh - 180 zirconium sand, do not use glass sand

4, the end of the oxidation pretreatment: pickling - alkali washing (remove oil, and die casting treatment in the same way) - ash - polishing (chemical polishing)

5, anode oxidation process :(voltage) 10V suitable (casting generally 15v-20v), anode time 15 minutes, film thickness up to 10U. The oxidation process of the positive end is different from that of extruded parts, and the coating speed is faster than that of casting (about 30 minutes for the positive end of casting and 15-25 minutes for HA6 casting).

Note: HA6 aluminum alloy thin parts can achieve 0.45m/M (45), the production of mobile phones and 3C products when the nozzle is not recommended to refurnace. HA6 solid and liquid phase interval 643-652 degrees, it is recommended to die casting aluminum temperature above 750 degrees.