What are the characteristics of aluminium gravity casting?

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 Aluminium gravity casting has incomparable advantages over other types of products, such as beautiful design, light weight, corrosion resistance and other advantages, and is very popular among users. It has been used extensively in the production of small cars, especially in the light weight of cars. It has a lower relative density and higher strength than ductile iron and cast steel parts. As a result, aluminium alloy gravity cast parts are able to reduce the weight of the construction under the same load. This is why it is used extensively in the aerospace industry, in the manufacture of transmission and conveying machinery.

       It also has excellent heat transfer, the heat exchanger equipment applied in organic chemical manufacturing, and its transmission equipment to highlight the heat transfer of the pieces, such as the cylinder head of diesel engines and piston parts, also suitable for the manufacture of such aluminium alloy. Aluminium alloy gravity casting is a process made of a metallic material and subsequently aluminium alloys are widely used in the manufacture of such products. Aluminium alloy gravity casting has flow rate, collectivity, warmth, sealing, forging pressure and absorption.